Permaculture is an agricultural philosophy which seeks to reintegrate human lives back into the natural landscape. Our urban ecology constrains us with asphalt. We respond by cultivating life in the concrete jungle.

In the densely packed city space, our permaculture design necessarily focuses on our house itself. Every window sill sprouts plants. Our basement burgeons with oyster mushrooms. Raised beds fill the driveway. In these ways, we integrate plant, human, and fungus into one living organism.

The first principle of permaculture is to observe. Our community is still very new, and there is much to learn about this space and ourselves before we can show visible signs of development. So let this virtual page be a declaration of intent. We strive to feed ourselves sustinably and our community justly. We will bring new life out of the cracking concrete.

Check back here in a year or two or five. Green things will have emerged.


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